Utes in the Paddock
Aboriginal Man sculpture down the lachlan
Between the Silence and the Heartbeat Sculptures down the Lachlan

Sculpture down the Lachlan

Nestled among nature, waiting to be discovered…

Sculpture Down the Lachlan is a permanent, inland public art trail stretching 100 kilometres from Condobolin all the way to Forbes, along the meandering Lachlan River. 

Featuring twenty amazing sculptures by some of Australia’s leading creators.  

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Art immersed in nature. Created by design to showcase the pure, unmanicured beauty of the rural landscape which drapes the larger-than-life fixtures.  

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Within Without Sculptures down the lachlan

Within - Without (2022)

Marsden Road, Condobolin

Within – Without (Of Land And Spirit) speaks of these micro–macro links and of the critical role guardianship should play in protecting the links.

Lachlan Country Sculpture down the lachlan

Heart of Country (2021)

Lila Park TSR, Condobolin

‘Heart of Country’ is an attempt to acknowledge the injustices endured by the Wiradjuri people, whilst also standing as testament to the collective resilience and determination of all indigenous Australians, and their profound spiritual connection with the land.

Between the Silence and the Heartbeat Sculptures down the Lachlan

Between the Silence and the Heartbeat (2023)

Travelling Stock Reserve, Condobolin

Based on a wood series made for the 2018 Biennale of Australian Art exhibition, the installation comprises of 15 bronze figures featuring a wooden heart inlay.

Wandering - Sculpture Down the Lachlan

Wandering (2021)

Travelling Stock Reserve, Condobolin

Unlike the other sculptures that feature along the SDL trail, ‘Wandering’ does not have a narrative. While the abstract piece was made in reference to the picturesque landscape in which it sits, it invites the viewer to create a narrative for themselves.

Utes in the Paddock

Utes in the Paddock (2007)

The Gipps Road, Condobolin

A quirky display of 17 Holden Utes, painted by prominent Australian and local artists. It all started when local farmers Jana and Graham Pickles headed off on a well-deserved holiday across the United States, travelling the famed Route 66. They were drawn to an unusual attraction named ‘Cadillac Ranch’, located in western Texas. Intrigued by the ranch’s popularity, the Pickles returned with the inkling of a notion. Locals donated the vehicles, gifted artists donated their time and talent, and in August 2007 an art attraction without parallel was born. 

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