This is a story of a meandering river – a life-giving waterway. Of a people coexisting with the landscape for thousands of years. It’s also a story of harvesting that same land – crops, livestock and minerals – to feed a growing nation.

This is a story of wheat. Of water. Of wings. Wonders. The Wiradjuri Nation. But most of all, it’s a story of discovery – one that invites YOU to unlock this Lachlan region and add your own memories here under big skies in the heart of NSW. Welcome!

Stay in Lachlan Shire, NSW, for outback allure, historical richness, cultural immersion, adventurous escapades, and captivating stargazing beneath pristine skies.

Witness Utes in the Paddock, embrace Wiradjuri heritage, explore vast landscapes, and stargaze under pristine skies.

Indulge in Lachlan Shire, savor outback flavors, sip local wines, and relish warm hospitality at charming eateries amid stunning vistas.

Come see our brand new Visitor Information Centre

The Utes In The Paddock now have company! Our brand new Visitor Information Centre is now open and a must-stop on your visit to Lachlan Shire. Featuring a cafe, art installations and local products, call in and spend a while soaking in this beautiful new precinct. Located at 9218 Lachlan Valley Way, Condobolin NSW.

Unlock Your Lachlan Experience

Are you ready for an adventure that will take you off the beaten path and immerse you in the heart of New South Wales? Look no further than the Lachlan Shire, a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. From stunning natural landscapes to rich cultural heritage, this region has it all. Join us as we explore the key attractions that will make your visit to the Lachlan Shire a memorable experience.

Wiradjuri country

The Lachlan Shire Council acknowledges and respects the Wiradjuri as the first people and the Traditional Owners and occupants of this land and water. 

We acknowledge their care for this land over many generations. And we pay our respect to their Elders past, present and future.


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Calling all chocolate lovers! 🍫 We’ve just received our latest selection of licorice and chocolate from the @juneelicoriceandchocolate. 

Be sure to visit the Lachlan Shire Visitor Information Centre to stock up on these delicious treats. 

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Grab a custom Utes in the Paddock drink bottle for only $12 or a calendar by well- known artist John Murray for $15. 🎨

We’re open today from 9am to 4pm and Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 3pm.

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As the crisp air sets in, experience the magic of Autumn in the Lachlan Shire.

Discover and unlock our stunning landscapes, the iconic Utes in the Paddock or take a drive along the Sculptures Down the Lachlan, a trail that leads you from Condobolin to Forbes showcasing the stunning display of 25 sculptures.

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Dead Man’s Point is located in Lake Cargelligo and is an alternative free camping spot to Frogs Hollow. It’s easily accessible along the foreshore pathway and is a lovely lakeside s#deadmanspoint and unwind, with an eco toilet onsite.

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Daylight saving ends tomorrow morning 7 April, so don't forget to turn your clock back to gain an extra hours sleep. 

Photo captured at Lake Cargelligo. #visitlachlanshire #lakecargelligo #daylightsavings #greynomads  #caravanningaustralia #ExploreAustralia
Sitting alongside its namesake body of water approximately 100km west of Condo, this inland oasis got its name from a variation of ‘Cudjallagong’ – which means ‘lake’ or ‘water container’ in the Wiradjuri language.

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Visitor guide

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