Pelican Colony
Swainsona formosa, sturt's desert pea

Nature Photography

For more than two centuries, explorers, poets, artists and now photographers have been drawn to the wide open spaces and raw natural beauty of the Australian outback landscape. The Lachlan region offers you a taste of this vast continent, while still keeping you close to a range of comforts (including extra memory cards!). The array of birdlife in particular is a key drawcard.

(For notes on astrophotography, see our Big Sky page.)

Yellow flower field

Local Flora

  • Eucalyptus – there are numerous species of eucalypts in the region, including many iconic gum trees such as the riverside Red Gum.
  • Native grasses – seeds and roots traditionally used for food
  • Canola fields – bright yellow in spring (September)
  • Cotton fields – white during harvest (April)
  • Yaddra Wattle – found near Tullibigeal
  • Emu bush
  • Bush pear
  • Wheat fields


Local Fauna

  • Goanna – important to the Wiradjuri people.
  • Snake – The goanna and snake are arch enemies in Wiradjuri culture.
  • Eagles/Falcons – An important totem in the region.
  • Wetland birdlife – See our Bird Watching section for more.
  • Emu
  • Kangaroo
White Belly sea eagle

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