Digital Detox

Kids swimming

Digital Detox | November 22 Off the Grid The beauty of escaping to somewhere that is truly ‘away from it all’ is that it gives you legitimate permission to have your very own ‘digital detox’.  Here in the Lachlan, we politely ask you to switch off your devices. No, it’s not because they might disrupt […]

Pet-friendly Lachlan

Puppy walking along Gum Bend Lake

Pet-friendly Lachlan  | November 22 With more and more holidaymakers bringing pets with them when they travel, we’re pleased to say that the Lachlan region is the teacher’s pet of pet friendly destinations.    IT’S A DOG’S LIFE For starters (fur starters?), your four-legged friends are welcomed by many of our accommodation providers – contact […]

The best things in life are free camping

The best things in life are free camping  | November 22 Whether you’re sleeping under the stars, under the canvas or pulling up in your caravan or campervan, you’re never short on stellar spots with which to find a shady tree and wait for your billy to boil. Here are some of the highlights: FROG’S […]

Unlock Your Lachlan Experience

Aboriginal Man sculpture down the lachlan

Are you ready for an adventure that will take you off the beaten path and immerse you in the heart of New South Wales? Look no further than the Lachlan Shire, a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. From stunning natural landscapes to rich cultural heritage, this region has it all. Join us as we explore the key attractions that will make your visit to the Lachlan Shire a memorable experience.

Visitor guide

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