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Digital Detox

| November 22

Off the Grid

The beauty of escaping to somewhere that is truly ‘away from it all’ is that it gives you legitimate permission to have your very own ‘digital detox’. 

Here in the Lachlan, we politely ask you to switch off your devices. No, it’s not because they might disrupt flight navigation or interrupt fellow moviegoers. We just think it’s nice to experience this part of the world like it has been experienced for 40,000 years. Replacing the pings and rings of modern life with the spectacular sounds of nature.


Whether you’re on your own, in a couple or bringing the whole family, there is a certain magic to reconnecting (with yourself and each other) by disconnecting. Because it’s only by unplugging can you fully unwind and appreciate the beauty on offer here. Our attractions aren’t the big brash kind that shout at you – instead they will surround you, inhabit you and move you. If you let them. Our skies are big, bold and beautiful, but you won’t see them if you’re always looking down.

There is one exception to this digital detox however – and that’s your camera. We really do recommend you have that handy. But more important than that, you should also invest in a hardback notebook and reliable writing implement. Seriously. Because all this space often gives people space to think. And sometimes they’re thoughts that are worth writing down.

The digital world will still be there when you return. The news cycles, hot takes and viral posts. They can wait. But for now, enjoy the serenity…

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