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Situated on the rail line from West Wyalong to Lake Cargelligo, Tullibigeal (an Aboriginal word for “wooden spears”) is delightfully off the beaten track, even for Lachlan standards! Made up of a small grid of streets, this proud wheat and sheep farming community is a testament to the endurance of its people.

Settled at the end of the First World War, “Tulli” made use of fertile land and continues to service the surrounding farms to this day. Things move at a relaxed pace in these parts, with visitors welcome to take their time as they enjoy free camping and facilities in the park and a cheeky beverage at the Mayfield Hotel.

After a century of change, Tulli has survived against all odds as a small but robust rural community. It boasts an impressive array of facilities for its size, including swimming pool, park, school, community hall and annual events each spring.

Tullibigeal Silos

Grain or Shine

The giant silhouettes of grain silos are a common sight across the fertile Lachlan plains – often dominating each small town’s skyline and a visible reminder of what helped to grow this region.

Reminders of War

In almost every small town across Australia you’ll find a war memorial – especially powerful here when you consider that such sacrifices had a huge impact on these communities, often cutting their tiny populations in half. The towns of the Lachlan each have commemorative parks, gates or monuments – public spaces for locals and visitors alike to share a quiet moment of reflection.

Tullibigeal War memorial

Far and Wide

Country towns like Condobolin, Lake Cargelligo and Tottenham typically have one thing in common – very wide streets! Part of this reason is that of course ALL roads in Australia started out wide, and out here in the country, there was simply no pressure to encroach on it like in the cities. 

Early truck tyres also created corrugations in unsealed roads, causing graders to keep widening them further as they tried to flatten them out. So, when these roads were sealed in the 1960s and ‘70s, they simply sealed the entire width!

Did you know

Just 20 minutes from Fifield, the town of Trundle lays claim to Australia’s widest main street. It measures “66 yards” – the same as the original stock route!

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