Memorial Gates Burcher
Pouring beer at the Burcher Hotel
Getting a beer at the burcher hotel


With its grain silos, there is no mistaking the wheat belt that the town of Burcher sits amongst. As further proof, a windmill structure sits in the centre of town – an iconic symbol of the outback, but also less known as a practical water pump. Although a more reliable waterhole today can be found at the Burcher Hotel!

At the western end of town, you’ll find the Bush Chapel – fully consecrated and providing a uniquely open air chapel to worship amongst nature. You can also explore nearby Manna Mountain – a place of special significance to the Wiradjuri. Hike to the stone grooves to see evidence of many centuries of use by tribes sharpening their blades on the rock. 

Of course, it’s not just wheat in these parts. Visit alpaca farms nearby or drive 20 minutes south to Lake Cowal – NSW’s largest inland lake and home to a 325m deep open pit gold mine project on its shores.

Stay in Lachlan Shire, NSW, for outback allure, historical richness, cultural immersion, adventurous escapades, and captivating stargazing beneath pristine skies.

Witness Utes in the Paddock, embrace Wiradjuri heritage, explore vast landscapes, and stargaze under pristine skies.

Indulge in Lachlan Shire, savor outback flavors, sip local wines, and relish warm hospitality at charming eateries amid stunning vistas.

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